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Over the past years, we’ve been seeing a shift in consumer behaviour as the social impact of a company, their social conscience, has become an influencing factor in consumers’ purchasing behaviours. More recently, this shift has extended to the workforce, too. Especially millennials are starting to demand from their (potential) employers that they not only focus on making profit but incorporate values and ethics into their businesses. Employees no longer just want a paycheck from you, they are looking for a purpose, a sense of pride and that your company values match their own.

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You know how important a strong employer brand is in today’s tough talent market and you have created a compelling talent strategy. The next step is to translate that strategy into action and bringing it to life. Luckily, we are seeing more and more innovative recruitment marketing tools being introduced to the market, ranging from in-depth end-to-end analytics, employer branding, job slot optimisation, chatbots, and more. Companies embracing these tools and technologies in the right way can really create a competitive edge for themselves in the war for talent.

There is a multitude of tools available to HR departments these days but we've collated some of the hottest, most useful ideas for you. 

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Candidates want to know what to expect from a new role, your company culture and colleagues. You need to paint a very clear picture and communicate your messages in an authentic manner. Achieve this by creating amazing employer branding content. We know this can be resource intensive but we promise it pays off. Here are 8 tips to create powerful content to give you an edge.

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In an increasingly competitive, talent-driven job market a strong Employer Brand (EB) is the key to success. A strong Employer Brand, or how (potential) employees view you as a company, will help you attract the best, and more importantly, right talent to your organisation and help you stand out from the competition. Your company core values do not only determine how consumers view you as a brand but also how potential and current employees view you as an employer. They are the essence of your company’s identity and as such, they are a core ingredient to your Employer Brand.

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The best brand ambassadors your company could have? Your employees! The Edelman 2012 Trust Barometer found that employees enjoy more credibility than chief executives yet only 13% of global employees are engaged (Gallup study). So it’s about time you start activating your employees.

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Your employer brand shows what you stand for - your values, your purpose, your work environment. By creating an effective and authentic employer brand, you want to attract, engage and retain the best talent. It can often be a challenging task applying your employer brand on a global basis but it doesn't have to be.

Here are a few myths about global employer brand activation busted.

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