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Employer branding is more than just a popular catchword – it’s become essential in attracting the best talent to your organisation. The creation of a positive employer brand requires focus and on-going commitment from everyone within the business.

It’s a core strategic effort and like any other strategy, your consumer brand for example, you need to have measures in place to evaluate its success. You are then able to see what’s working, what’s not working and where things need to be changed to create greater engagement.

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Are you already using the power of social media engagement when it comes to talent attraction? If you’re not, then it’s about time you do so you won’t be left behind in the digital dust, wondering why all the top talent has found its way to your competitors.

Social recruitment offers a powerful way for you to reach out to your target candidates, to engage with them, and to showcase your employer brand. Social media is a great tool to authentically and credibly portray your company as THE employer of choice.

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Building a positive culture and developing a highly favourable image and reputation for your company within its industry and the wider world is crucial to your success in the quest to attain top talent. With studies over recent years showing that as many as 75% of job seekers suggest that a positive employer brand is needed before they would even consider applying to a company.

Reason enough for placing the utmost importance on getting your employer branding campaign absolutely right. In the section below, we’ll take a look at 6 things you can’t hide in your EB campaign.

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When it comes to attracting the brightest talent to your business, you are in fierce competition with other organisations. So how can you make yourself stand out? How can you win the war for talent? Exactly, with a strong employer brand.

Your employer brand, simply put, is how your current and prospective employees view you as a place to work. It’s your reputation for being a good (or sometimes bad) place to work.

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To win the war for talent, you need to nail the Talent Attraction Lifecycle. The stages which job candidates move through in their ongoing relationship with an organisation are (1) Attraction, (2) Recruitment, (3) Onboarding, (4) Development, (5) Retention, (6) Separation. Every stage is a chance for you to attract, engage and retain talent.

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Over the past years, we’ve been seeing a shift in consumer behaviour as the social impact of a company, their social conscience, has become an influencing factor in consumers’ purchasing behaviours. More recently, this shift has extended to the workforce, too. Especially millennials are starting to demand from their (potential) employers that they not only focus on making profit but incorporate values and ethics into their businesses. Employees no longer just want a paycheck from you, they are looking for a purpose, a sense of pride and that your company values match their own.

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